Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a compilation of both my traditional and digital fine art work. I am a freelance artist living and working in the Glasgow area. Since graduating from art school in 1991 I have been involved in a wide variety of artistic projects, ranging from portraiture to
large scale mural installations. I became interested in the creative possibilities of computing around the year 2000 and have been fascinated by the digital medium adding it to my repertoire. I have worked on a number of commercial projects that have been broadcast on national television.

I have also been fortunate to work as an Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland teaching aspects of the 3D Computer Animation undergraduate course.

Stills of sequence

I do enjoy making things as realistic as possable. Creating a 3D scene like this is like fine art painting but digitally. Although there is no traditional brush mark or paint it is me who decides how the light will interact with objects and so on for all the aesthetic decisions

Rendered with Houdini Mantra PBR

Pose No. 04

Rendered in Houdini

Large Asian Wasp pose No.03

Maya, Vray and Nuke
Houdini, Mantra and Nuke

This is my first render of the Large Asian Wasp. Rendered in Maya with Vray and composited in After Effects. Click to enlarge the image.

The renders bellow are of my "Fly" project created using Z Brush, Maya, Vray and After Effects. Please scroll down to view my show reel

FLY stills

I made this following a tutorial by Eric Keller

Scottish Power TV advertisement
Scottish Power TV Advertisement